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Mr. Rashpal Singh Bhomrah


With the daunting level of competition in the society today, juvenile students often find themselves in a dilemma as to what they expect from themselves and what others expect from them. We need to be conducive towards our society, and at the same time be conclusive about our daily actions in order to put across our impressions and thoughts to the general public. The efficiency in the present generation is hard to talk about, along with their refractory and knotty behavior. We as teachers find it hard to even acclimate, but apparently it is this spirit within them, which brings about éclat, which gives birth to the upcoming CEO’s and MD’s of companies! To elucidate on this further, even though children today may obey the regimen with defiance, this resistance in a way shows their state of bedazzlement, and we as teachers and heads must rejuvenate their confused minds and help them grow up to become people of integrity and of the world! The web site is indeed a small effort to disseminate information on the whereabouts of an institution backed by the long experiences in educational administration and supportive sharing of intellectual acquisitions. It would refer to the evolution of a unique Edifian experience almost of 6 years or so, of assuring an excellent educational atmosphere and of an in depth realization of democratic and child-centered approach to education. It is all inclusive and assuredly futuristic. The said genre of education has the unique impetus for individual care, being conspicuously enveloping persons, while being vibrantly collective in its import and purpose. We strongly believe that it is such policies that define and establish the real profile of an educational institution carrying out its mission for the society in the true sense. It is believed that the web site can make the information available at a few key strokes away and by means of which it would be easy for anyone to access it and also enjoy his privilege of the right to information at his personal convenience while assuring the overall equality of access. The institution also envisions an aesthetic concern from among the various social needs and aspirations to expected standards of excellence. It would include human and religious values of deep trust in God and trust in the humanity of each person. It is deeply integrative and humane not only in its contents but also in its process.

Rashpal Singh
Contact – principal@edifyschoolchhindwara.com

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