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Introduction to 3C Curriculum

3C curriculum is a comprehensive philosophy that seeks to create a social place of learning and knowledge where “Why” is encouraged and “What” is nurtured. This approach was developed and fine tuned over the years by MDN Edify Education with the vision of creating progressive thinking Individuals who will create a positive impact in the society. Inspired by various international educators, learners and a variety of learning practices, the curriculum provides a holistic approach towards overall development of students.

The goal is to create a participative environment that inculcates self esteem and independence, leadership and innovation, problem solving and responsibility. These are the stepping stones to creating a bright future. Intriguing curious minds and catering to individual learning styles are some key elements of this curriculum that aid in sculpting the skills and abilities of every child.

The main focus of this philosophy revolves around the 3C’s which stand for: CharacterCompetence and Content. Learning through the 3C curriculum is interactive and integrated that creates a life like experience for the child. Understanding is based on application of knowledge through inquiry, experimentation, research and discovery. In this process they become knowledgeable and understand the significance of the gained knowledge. It is constructive learning methodology and academic brilliance that inspires every child to succeed.

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